Online training in dermopharmacy and cosmetology

Are you an esthetician, a nurse, a cosmetologist or a sales person who works in the cosmetics industry?

Make yourself known to a wider public

Increase customer loyalty and your credibility

Improve the service you offer to your customers

Grow your customer base

Our high-level online training is for you!

Advanced training by a skin expert

Meet Lydia, the first dermocosmetologist in Canada.

It all started when Lydia Gauthier was 18 years old and working as a cosmetician in a drugstore. To help a new customer who was suffering from rosacea, she recommended cosmetics that proved to be effective and lead to a successful outcome. Soon, her desire to learn more about different ingredients became a great passion.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in medicinal and bioorganic chemistry, and her first master’s degree in pharmaceutical research and tissue engineering as part of a research team focused on psoriasis; she obtained a secondary master’s degree in industrial cosmetology from l’Institut de Pharmacie Industrielle de Lyon (IPIL) in France. This latter master’s degree is now considered the number one academic program worldwide in cosmetology and dermopharmacy.

Sharing her knowledge with people who have the same passion for integrity and honesty is her mission.

Now, let’s talk about skin...


Course Contents

Training Guide for each of the 4 modules includes:

  • Complementary tools including a Canadian Sunscreen Chart.
  • Different lists of cosmetic ingredients to better demystify your products.
  • A certificate of professional training will be sent to you with your binder.

Course Schedule and Material:

As soon as you register for our online training program, individual module or complete training, we will send you quickly your training binder that you should receive within 3 to 5 days.

All course modules are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can progress at your own pace for 45 days after receiving your payment. You can watch each module more than once as needed. Each module takes an average of 2 to 3 hours for a total maximum of about 12 hours for our complete program that will also give you access to a community of professionals: the group Skin Experts on Facebook.

Note that the access at the videos of the modules when purchasing an individual module as well as the complete training (4 modules) will be available to you for 45 days. Subsequently, the training will be removed from your session.

Once you have completed your training (the 4 modules) and your online test has been validated, you will be added to our Recommandation Directory SKIN EXPERTS (ES)* accessible at any time via the homepage of our site.

*Reserved to esthetic  and medico-esthetic profesionnals with an established place of practice.